What is the Atelier line?

SAINT JAMES l'Atelier is the story of Saint-James, the true one since 1889: 100% wool sweaters are knitted there, quite simply unique, thanks to the longevity of the knit. Families pass Saint-James sweaters from one generation to the next.

SAINT JAMES l'Atelier is also the world of sea crossings and stripes: Breton Striped Shirts are made in the workshops using unique know-how. It's all about proportion, balance, and of course, quality. The 16x8 stripe is distinctive to Saint-James.

SAINT JAMES l'Atelier consists of these iconic pieces (sweaters, Breton shirts, and coats) that are classic, authentic, timeless, and seasonless. Yet, each season, we reinterpret these classics always inspired by the sea, the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, which surrounds us, and this heritage of 130 years alive.

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