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Authentic Breton Striped Shirts And Knitwear

Classic Breton stripe and French stripe designs are deeply rooted in history, dating back over a century. Breton striped jerseys were introduced as the official French Navy uniform in 1858. French stripes have since influenced fashion trends all over the world and drive the inspiration behind our French shirt and sweater designs. Our military-inspired nautical clothing lines feature classic chic layers like the fisherman sweater, Breton stripe tees and iconic peacoats — simple Breton style garments that fit in every closet whether striped clothes are a staple in your wardrobe or not.
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Summer Wardrobe

Memorial Day weekend beckons with the promise of cherished moments and delightful escapes. Whether you’re planning to soak up the sun on sandy beaches or unwind in cozy retreats, we have the perfect outfit suggestions to keep your packing light and your style impeccable.

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