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We get you, you’re unique. Now you can adorn yourself with this season’s most versatile fashion items that speak to you and your style. Choose from a variety of Breton accessories including French beret hats, wool watch caps and miki hats to complete your nautical wardrobe.

The watch cap, an essential accessory for sailors

This hat model takes its name from the term "watch," which designates, in the nautical world, the period during which a sailor or a crew is on duty.

Often, the 24 hours of the day were divided into six shifts of 4 hours each. 

Even if the organization of the shifts varied a lot according to the times, the type of boat, or the size of the crew, there is a parameter that did not change, particularly for the Newfoundlander fishermen who left off to Canada: the cold.

Thus, the watch cap was essential for sailors to protect themselves from low temperatures, spray, and rain. Indeed, Saint James hats are knitted with the same wool as sailor jumpers and with the same stitch. The result is a tight-knit cap, which prevents water from entering the fabric and limits the absorption of rain.

Whether you are a sailor or a city dweller, trekking the deck of a boat or cycling to the office, covering your head in winter is essential to avoid catching a cold. Even if the rest of the body is well protected, heat loss from the skull can be up to 30%, far from negligible.

The beanie: how to combine function and style

Whether it is a watch cap, a pompom, or a pearl knit beanie, the hat has become a genuine fashion accessory over time. While its primary function is purely practical and has no other purpose than to protect your head from the cold, wind, and bad weather, it also gives character to an outfit.

There is a misconception that there are "beanie heads," just as there are "hat heads." In other words, some faces would naturally lend themselves more than others to wearing a beanie with style and elegance. To the contrary, there are many styles and cuts that allow you to choose the cap that best suits your morphology.

Worn with a more or less large hem, the beanie stays in place and protects perfectly from the cold and the wind. The hem gives character to a classic beanie and suits all face shapes.

Topped with a pompom, the beanie lends itself to a more casual yet urban outfit. It adds a nautical feel to a casual-chic look. This design also has the advantage of lengthening the face and is therefore very suitable for round faces.

The beanie can be worn higher or lower on the forehead, allowing styles to vary from one and the same model.

The Miki hat:  halfway between a cap and a beanie

The Miki hat, a traditional sailor's hat, is designed halfway between a cap, with the visor removed and a beanie. Equipped with an adjustable tightening tab and embellished with a small hem, it is always worn adjusted and leaves the ears clear.

This cut allowed sailors to keep the Miki hat firmly fixed on their heads: a visor would have offered too much wind resistance. As for the ears, they needed to remain unobstructed to hear the sound of the sea and the various instructions given to the crew.

Today, the Miki hat can be worn just as well in town as on the deck of a boat. Some Saint James models are made in wool, others in cotton canvas, cotton denim, or heavy jersey, the same as that used for the famous sailor tops. Depending on the material chosen, the Miki hat can be worn in winter as well as in summer.

Navy blue, gray, black, red, denim, or striped, it goes well with a wide variety of outfits. It is very suitable for a 100% sailor look, composed of a sailor top or a sailor sweater, a pea coat or a jacket, on raw jeans and boots. It also goes well with an elegant outfit, associated with a jacket or chinos, as well as with a sportswear outfit, as well as a hipster or rebel style.

It is suitable for both women and men. When the hair is long, it is better to detach it or choose a low hairstyle, or in a bun or braid for a more aesthetic and more practical combination. The cut of the Miki makes it challenging to wear a ponytail and impossible to wear a high bun.

How to wear a seaman’s hat

Recognizable by its small visor and flattened top, the sailor cap has become a genuine fashion accessory.

In cotton denim, wool felt, cotton canvas, or jersey, it is suitable for the shoulder seasons of spring and fall and summer on cool evenings or protection from the sun. Made from woolen cloth, it is perfect for keeping your head warm during the winter.

It can be worn with marine clothing such as the pea coat or the Breton striped shirt and in a quirky way, with chic clothes to bring a little retro and vintage touch. It can be paired perfectly with a glamorous and stylish outfit, such as a silk dress and thigh-high boots, and a casual style of a printed T-shirt, a denim jacket, or a biker jacket and boyfriend jeans. It is also perfect with a floral dress and canvas sneakers.

This unisex accessory is suitable for both women and men, who will combine it with a sailor, casual chic, casual or urban look.

Take care about getting the right size for your seaman’s hat. Too large, it tends to fall on the eyebrows and eyes and is therefore embarrassing; too small, it will be too high on the head and lose its elegance. To find the right size, simply measure your head circumference.

Understatement with the twill canvas cap

With a curved visor and crafted in twill canvas, the classic seaman’s cap is understated and suitable for a casual-chic style, relaxed while remaining elegant and discreet.

It can be deviated to break codes for the more daring, provided it is a sober color, worn with a suit jacket and chinos. However, you should avoid the overly strict suit with shirt and tie, such as favoring a polo shirt and a thin quilted waistcoat under the jacket.

The athleisure style, trendy in recent years, consists of mixing elegant pieces and sportswear. The cap fits very well with this look, both casual and elegant, which plays with trends and does not hesitate to combine a city coat and chinos with a pair of running shoes or a hoodie.

This hat is suitable for both women and men and appeals to all generations.

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