Our team

Team spirit is an integral part of how our business operates. The quality of Saint James clothing is based on the know-how of all those who, daily, innovate, create, manufacture, and put their experience at the brand's service.
A common vision

Driven by a joint vision, our team members share the same demand for quality and precision. They work every day to offer you elegant clothes, which are simultaneously faithful to their maritime heritage and inspired by current trends.
Artisanal craftsmanship skills and interpersonal skills are equally important within our company. Thanks to the training we provide internally, we are perpetuating ancient skills no longer taught in school. Without this desire for transmission, the traditional techniques of raccoutrage or remaillage, for example, would have quite simply disappeared.
Saint James' know-how is based on respect, transparency, and integrity, contributing just as much as its technical expertise to producing clothes that meet your expectations.
Our collections are also the fruit of the creativity of our team. This same creativity has allowed Saint James clothing to transcend eras and trends without ever losing its authenticity.

From design to manufacturing clothes

The Saint James workshops are divided into three functions: a design studio, a knitting atelier, and a cut-and-sew department.
Within the design studio, which employs 25 people, stylists and pattern makers design Saint James clothing collections each season. The designers draw inspiration from the latest fashion trends to update the line while retaining its nautical soul and elegance.
The knitting workshop houses 77 knitting looms, 17 of which were renewed after 2013. It is a unique manufacturing facility, and one of the largest knitting loom workshops within Europe.
These machines are supervised by knitting engineers, who are also called master knitters. They make the adjustments, which differ according to each piece and monitor production with an expert eye, the quality of which they check with great care.
Finally, the cut-and-sew department, in which the clothes are assembled, is structured in nine independent groups. Each group is made up of 6 to 8 people. More than 100 seamstresses exercise their talents there, using complex sewing techniques that require great skill.

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