GOTS Organic Cotton Certification


Created in 2002, the certification body ECOCERT awards the GOTS label. As proof of the societal commitments of companies, it guarantees an ecological and socially responsible mode of production. In particular, it bans dangerous and toxic inputs that can harm your skin and damage the planet and promotes the use of organic fibers, which have now become a guarantee of quality. In addition, the GOTS label requires optimum quality to offer products that meet consumer expectations and environmental requirements.


GOTS Organic Cotton
Further to our distinction as EPV - Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (label rewarding companies with specific excellence expertise) in 2012, we decided, in 2019, to go further in our societal commitment by obtaining GOTS certification.

Today, we have integrated this process and obtained GOTS certification for a range of our products; in the long term, the objective is to extend this certification to most of our styles.

On each of our GOTS certified models, a special mention is visible on the label. On our website, the product descriptions will indicate whether it is certified or not.

The most important thing for us is to offer our customers ever more responsible textiles designed with respect for the environment.


Visit the GOTS website for more details.

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