Spring-Summer '23

Women's Lookbook

Vive le printemps !

We’re delighted to introduce our new Spring collection, put together in France with the care and attention to details you’ve come to expect from us for over 130 years.

These pieces embody the core values that make Saint James more relevant than ever: outstanding quality, simplicity, appreciation of beauty, freedom, teamwork, open-mindedness, loyalty, and a strong anchoring in our history and French roots.

Nautical Vibes

This season's first drop - nautical - is based on happy and bright colors, inspired by nautical signs: a vivid tangerine, a shiny green, an intense royal blue, and a warm yellow used as accent color.

Blue Romance Softness

As we welcome Spring's first rays of light, soft colors make an entrance: pastel light blue, bright white and a hint of tango yellow.


As we're moving towards the end of summer, we'd like to take you on a journey inspired by sandy lanscape. Light and iridescent materials mingle with our nautical wardrobe.

A deep, chic black contrasts with shades of beige and feminine touches of gold. And a zebra print revisits our classic stripes in an elegant and modern fashion.

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